©Ha Eun Chang 2020

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Sequential Design / Homage

Exploring the American Dream and it’s universal idea of, “nothing to something” and that “everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success.”

Our concept portrays how the American Dream is inspired by allegories from the Garden of Eden (Adam and Eve). Setting in the Garden of Eden (utopia/USA), a bird (freedom/the people) is attracted to a shiny presence and approaches this utopian garden. Within that garden, there is a jeweled fruit which symbolizes the American Dream. The bird is so blinded by the jeweled fruit that it doesn’t notice the serpent (evil, corruption) surrounding the garden. As the sequence progresses, the serpent attacks and kills the bird. In the end, it reveals a huge pile of dead birds which uncovers the real truth behind the Garden of Eden. It was only an illusion that exists because of all the other dead birds that fell for the same trap. This correlates to our society and how the American Dream is built from that same corruption. Lights/outer appearance is an illusion that reveals the true inner meaning which can be dark.

Role: Concept, Modeling, Compositing, Color Correction
Collaborators: Sarah Kim, Jean Hwang


Mood board
Illusion, distortion, dark, negative

Garden of Eden